Dear Terry, and the Craniofacial Foundation of America*,

Words cannot express how appreciative we are for the opportunity to attend the Reality Formula for Kids™ and Reality Kids Camp™ workshop last month. It has helped our whole family in so many ways. We have incorporated the Unhappy & Happy Kid Triangle into our daily lives. It is a way of self-monitoring and reflection that our children and we use. Often Mikey (he seems to be the self-appointed “policeman”) will ask a sibling (often Mary Claire!) “Where are you on the triangle?”. It gives all of us an opportunity to stop and realize we do not want to get on the triangle. Timbo and Mikey are quick to point out that they are on the “Happy Kid Triangle” and do not engage in the drama. What a change this is for us! The best part is Tim and I are no longer acting referees, but rather cheerleaders as the children sort things out on their own.

They keep asking to go back! We have incorporated Reality Kids Camp™ sayings of “You don’t have to like it, you just have to eat it,” and “fuel for the body” into our meals. Now, the children are eating everything on their plates (sometimes after sitting a while at the table, but still eating!) and also learning valuable lessons of trying things you don’t think you like and simply following the rules.

Tim and I learned so much about ourselves, the Reality Formula™, Happy & Unhappy Kid Triangles, and analyzing our actions and reactions. Learning from Lynne and Danielle was like a refreshing bath full of Aha! moments. We use their ideas of the Unhappy Kid Triangle, core values, calm acceptance of Reality without the emotional tie, and understanding of how our relationships are all to teach us something. The weekend retreat has allowed us to become more thankful and take new positive perspectives of ourselves and our world.

As I said before, we cannot thank you enough. This was an amazing gift that will impact us for the rest of our lives. Fondly, Megan and Tim Monahan 

We have also used the statement “This is Reality.” When Tim and I are trying to get one of the children to do something (ex. eat their food, get better grades, etc.). This simple phrase takes negative emotions out of the situation and puts the focus simply on the action needed. It is very liberating and causes for a much calmer situation on all ends.

We were so impressed with the Reality Kids Camp™ method of teaching while the children were harvesting sweet potatoes, chopping down a tree, and paddling a canoe. Our children readily embraced what the Reality Kids Camp™ directors had to say, and they use that wisdom daily. All of this happened while they were having pure fun. 

*Craniofacial Foundation of America provides scholarships for several families to attend Reality Formula for Families workshops at Lynne Forrest’s retreat home in beautiful Monteagle, Tennessee each year. November 4, 2012

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