The Happy Kid Toolkit™

The Happy Kid Toolkit™ is more than a board game: it’s an opportunity for self-discovery and a solution to the challenging situations that our children will inevitably face as they grow. 

The Toolkit was created to be used over and over again, in the midst of unhappy moments, as a means to identify the source of a perceived problem, resolve it and learn from it. The Toolkit is based on simple yet powerful techniques such as Transactional Analysis (Eric Berne, MD), The Drama Triangle (Stephen Karpman, PhD), and The Reality Formula™(Lynne Forrest). 

What is Happy Family Training™?

Happy Family Training™ is part theology, part philosophy, part psychology, and based on biblical principles. It is drawn from a variety of renowned sources and experiences, including:

  • Dr. Stephen Karpman’s diagram of the “Drama Triangle”
  • Byron Katie’s “The Work”
  • Lynne Forrest's "Reality Formula"
  • Biblical & Spiritual Principles

Using these as our guide, we developed The Happy Kid Toolkit™. It teaches kids, ages 4+, the art of being happy, responsible kids who can accept Reality –even when it’s not going their way. Our formula works, and its results are immediate. When you put this model into action, you’ll turn unhappy kids into Happy Kids, in no time at all.

The Reality Formula™ is simple.

We think a thought, and automatically believe it. That belief causes us to feel a certain way. Our feeling leads to an action. The world responds to our action, and proves our initial thought correct.

Think it. Believe it. Feel it. Act it. Prove it.

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