Happy Kid Toolkit™ creates harmony in the office.

"I learned so very much. I had to go home and lay in bed after the workshop just to calm my brain down — I was on system overload. I cannot thank you enough. The workshop was great, the lessons were wonderful and well planned. It was...a great day...kind of like a rebirth. It is hard work, but I am feeling the difference. " 
— Carla Doub, Office Manager

The Reality Formula in the Workplace™ can reduce the cost of conflict and improve operations. Our Reality-based model helps companies move away from the usual "blame-centered approach," which identifies challenges as problems, rather than opportunities for refinement. We encourage creative resolutions while teaching self-responsibility, cooperation and harmonious interaction among team players. 

Ultimately, the goal of Reality Formula in the Workplace™ is to produce happy employees and a victim-free work environment. We would love the opportunity to present a basic introduction to this unique and effective method.

The cost of strained relationships in the workplace is both emotional and financial. When organizations prioritize communication, trust, teamwork, and conflict resolution, fewer issues occur — and when they do, they're resolved more smoothly. Job satisfaction and productivity often increase when employees feel respected and understood by their managers. And those increases can go straight to a company's bottom line.


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